Dieu pile pas foutou – Ks Bloom

Artist: Ks Bloom

Song Title: Dieu pile pas foutou

Genre: Christian

Album: Disciple dans la villeUn jour nouveau

Total Tracks NO: 14

Duration: 02:47 Minutes

Released Year: 2023


Ks Bloom’s track “Dieu pile pas foutou” is a captivating addition to the Christian genre, featured in the album “Disciple dans la ville, Un jour nouveau.” With a total of 14 tracks in the album, each offering a unique musical journey, this particular song stands out with its title translating to “God exactly does not abandon.” The artist’s choice of language adds a cultural touch, enriching the listening experience for those familiar with the phrase. The 2 minutes and 47 seconds duration of the track suggests a concise yet impactful composition, allowing listeners to delve into the artist’s spiritual expressions within a relatively short timeframe. Released in the year 2023, this song reflects Ks Bloom’s commitment to sharing faith-based messages through the medium of music.

“Dieu pile pas foutou” seems to embody a deep connection to Christian themes, and the entire album, “Disciple dans la ville, Un jour nouveau,” likely explores various facets of the artist’s spiritual journey. Ks Bloom’s choice of title and genre suggests a deliberate focus on conveying messages of faith, possibly aiming to resonate with a Christian audience. As listeners engage with the 14 tracks, they are likely to experience a range of emotions and reflections, with the artist’s work serving as a source of inspiration and contemplation within the Christian music landscape.



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Dieu pile pas foutou Lyrics By Ks Bloom

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