Dr Helen Oritsejafor Biography

Dr. Helen Oritsejafor is a distinguished individual, renowned for her significant contributions across various fields.

Early Life and Educational Background 

Dr. Helen Oritsejafor, a distinguished individual known for her remarkable contributions to various fields, was born into a family grounded in faith and compassion. She came into this world as the daughter of Mama Oritsejafor, a woman of strength, wisdom, and deep spirituality.

Growing up in a nurturing environment shaped by her mother’s values, young Helen exhibited an early curiosity and passion for knowledge. The Oritsejafor household, marked by a commitment to education and service, provided a solid foundation for her future endeavors.

Helen’s formative years were influenced by the teachings and principles instilled by her mother, Mama Oritsejafor, a figure known not only for her familial role but also for her contributions to the community and dedication to humanitarian causes. It was during these early years that Helen’s sense of empathy and a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others began to take root


As the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Eagle Flight Microfinance Bank since December 2005, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the financial sector. Her tenure has been marked by a commitment to values such as integrity, selfless service, wisdom, courage, resourcefulness, and devotion to God.

In addition to her role in the banking industry, Dr. Oritsejafor has made substantial contributions to education as the Chairman of Eagle Height International Schools. Her involvement in education aligns with her dedication to human capacity building, where she serves not only as a leader but also as a teacher and preacher. Through this commitment, she strives to empower the next generation with knowledge and values that extend beyond the classroom.

Dr. Oritsejafor’s influence extends to the media landscape, where she serves as the Chairman of the African Broadcasting Network (ABN). This satellite Christian television station stands out for its strategic position as a powerful voice for the gospel of Christ, broadcasting from Africa to the world. Under her leadership, the ABN has become a significant platform for spreading messages of faith and positivity.

Marital Life

Dr. Helen Oritsejafor is married to Pastor Oritsejafor, in April 1997, share a unique love story

Awards and Honors

Recognizing her outstanding contributions, Dr. Helen Oritsejafor has received numerous honors and awards. In March 2020, Trinity International University of Ambassadors conferred upon her an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Divinity, acknowledging her impact on spiritual and educational realms.

The United Nations Global Award, also presented to Dr. Oritsejafor in March 2020, further attests to her global influence and commitment to making a positive impact on an international scale. This recognition from the United Nations underscores her dedication to fostering positive change and contributing to global development.

As a prolific writer, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, Dr. Helen Oritsejafor continues to inspire and uplift others. Her life’s work reflects a passion for personal and societal development, driven by a vision of positive transformation. Through her various roles, she has become an inspiration to many, leaving a lasting legacy of leadership, compassion, and service.

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