Loved – Pat Barret, Cecily

Artist: Pat Barret, Cecily

Song Title: Loved

Genre: Christian 

Duration: 5:08 Minutes

Released Year: 2024

Pat Barrett and Cecily’s song “Loved,” released in 2024, is a beautiful addition to the Christian music genre. With a duration of 5:08 minutes, this heartfelt track combines the vocal talents of both artists, creating a moving and inspirational piece. The song’s message centers around the profound and unconditional love of God, resonating deeply with listeners and offering a sense of peace and comfort. The collaboration between Barrett and Cecily brings a unique blend of soulful melodies and worshipful lyrics, making “Loved” a memorable and impactful listening experience.

“Loved” showcases the artistic synergy between Pat Barrett and Cecily, highlighting their ability to convey deep spiritual truths through music. The track’s rich instrumentation and harmonious vocals create an atmosphere of worship and reflection. As the song unfolds, it invites listeners to embrace the love and grace that is freely given, reinforcing the transformative power of faith. Through “Loved,” Barrett and Cecily continue to inspire and uplift, delivering a powerful message of hope and divine affection that resonates with audiences worldwide.


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Loved Lyrics By Pat Barret, Cecily

I’ve never known a love like this before
Never thought that I could be so sure
Not a fear or anxious thought
Is enough to change Your heart

I am loved
I am loved
And there’s nothing I can do to change Your mind
I am loved
And it’s more than every joy I’ve felt combined
No greater treasure
Than knowing I am Yours and You are mine
I am loved
And I’ve never been this free in all my life


Before my life began You knew my name
And You’re with me every step along the way
You’re my refuge and my home
You’re the place where I belong

Before I said anything
Before I did anything
Before I knew anything
I was loved by You

I was loved by You
And You loved me too
Too much to leave me where You found me

I’ve got everything I need ‘cause I’m loved by You
Everything I need
Everything I need
Love, joy, peace, I’m free
Love, joy, peace, I’m free
Love, joy, peace, I’m free
I’m free, I’m free, I’m free, yeah
Who the Son sets free, oh, they’re free indeed

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