Seigneur entends ma voix – Marius Psalmiste

Artist: Marius Psalmiste

Song Title: Seigneur entends ma voix

Genre: Christian

Album: Seigneur entends ma voix

Total Tracks NO: 1

Duration: 17:04 Minutes

Released Year: 2024


Marius Psalmiste’s latest Christian music release, “Seigneur entends ma voix,” brings a profound spiritual experience to listeners. The album, bearing the same title as the single, offers a unique and soulful journey through its only track, lasting for a substantial 17 minutes and 4 seconds. The artist’s commitment to delivering a powerful message through the medium of music is evident in the duration and the deeply resonant lyrics of the song. In a world filled with diverse musical expressions, Marius Psalmiste’s focus on Christian content provides a source of inspiration and solace for those seeking a connection with their faith through music.

The single, “Seigneur entends ma voix,” showcases Marius Psalmiste’s dedication to creating immersive Christian music experiences. The song’s title, translated as “Lord, hear my voice,” suggests a prayerful and supplicative tone, inviting listeners to join in a moment of spiritual reflection. The album’s singularity with only one track emphasizes the artist’s intent to craft a cohesive and meaningful musical narrative, allowing the audience to engage deeply with the spiritual themes presented.

Released in 2024, Marius Psalmiste’s “Seigneur entends ma voix” contributes to the ever-evolving landscape of Christian music. The duration of the single suggests an intentional exploration of musical and spiritual depths, providing a contemplative space for listeners to connect with their faith. As the album unfolds, its impact on the Christian music scene and its potential to resonate with a diverse audience eager for spiritual enrichment become evident.

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Seigneur entends ma voix Lyrics By Marius Psalmiste

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