These Things Must Happen – David, Nicole Binion

Artist: David, Nicole Binion

Song Title: These Things Must Happen

Genre: Gospel, Christian 

Duration: 5:33

Year Released: 2024

David and Nicole Binion’s latest release, “These Things Must Happen,” is a compelling addition to the gospel and Christian music genre. Released in 2024 and spanning 5 minutes and 33 seconds, this powerful track blends heartfelt lyrics with soulful melodies, creating an immersive worship experience. The Binions are renowned for their passionate and authentic worship style, and this song is no exception, delivering a message of faith and divine purpose.

In “These Things Must Happen,” the Binions explore themes of prophecy and the inevitability of God’s plan, encouraging listeners to trust in His timing and sovereignty. Their harmonious vocals and the song’s stirring arrangement serve to uplift and inspire, making it a standout track in their discography. As with much of their work, this song aims to deepen the listener’s spiritual journey and provide solace in the midst of life’s uncertainties.





These Things Must Happen Lyrics By David, Nicole Binion

These things must happen
These things must happen
These things must happen, happen

The seven seals
And trumpet blasts
The seven bowls
Of holy wrath
The rise and fall
Of Babylon
And martyrdom

A moon of blood
And falling stars
A multitude
That’s set apart
A dragon rising
With a beast
Days of doom
And blasphemy

These things must happen
These things must happen
These things must happen, happen

The greatest army
ever seen
From far and wide
Will rise to meet
The King of Kings
And Lord of Lords
Riding on
The whitest horse

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Armageddon will be won
By the Word
Of Heaven’s son
No more hunger
No more pain
No more darkness
Only day

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