Gospelviz stands as a beacon of light in the realm of gospel music, a platform that transcends conventional boundaries to spread the message of faith through harmonious melodies. Situated at Shop No 12, Alheri Complex, opposite Isa Mustapha Agwai I Polytechnic Lafia, this platform has become a haven for enthusiasts seeking divine inspiration through music. Under the visionary leadership of CEO Adaa Moses Avalumun, Gospelviz has successfully carved its niche by curating and sharing a rich tapestry of gospel content.

Adaa Moses Avalumun’s leadership has propelled Gospelviz to be more than just a music platform; it has become a community hub for believers to connect, resonate, and celebrate their faith. Located strategically at the heart of Lafia, this haven of gospel tunes serves not only as a musical sanctuary but also as a testament to the power of unity and spiritual harmony. Gospelviz, under Avalumun’s guidance, embodies the essence of gospel music, fostering a sense of belonging and shared spirituality among its patrons.