Everything – HLE

Artist:  HLE

Song Title: Everything

Genre: Christian 

Song Number: 2

Album: Your Kingdom on Earth

Total Tracks NO: 13

Released Year: 2020

Song Type: Mp3 & Video

“Surrendered Devotion: HLE’s ‘Everything’ Echoes in ‘Your Kingdom on Earth'”

In the spiritual odyssey presented by HLE’s Christian masterpiece, “Your Kingdom on Earth,” the second track, “Everything,” unfolds as a profound declaration of surrendered devotion. Released in 2020 and part of a 13-track album, this poignant composition is available in both Mp3 and video formats, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the divine harmonies crafted by HLE.

As the journey through ‘Your Kingdom on Earth’ continues, “Everything” takes center stage, offering a musical tapestry of faith and commitment. HLE’s emotive vocals, paired with the celestial arrangement of instruments, create an atmosphere of spiritual surrender. The song serves as an anthem of devotion, encouraging listeners to lay everything at the feet of the divine. Positioned as the second chapter in the album, “Everything” follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, setting a tone of worship and consecration.

The availability of both Mp3 and video formats enriches the listener’s experience, allowing them to engage with the song on multiple levels. HLE’s artistry shines through as she leads the audience on a sacred journey, inviting them to reflect on the profound act of surrendering everything to a higher purpose. As you delve into the melodic realms of “Everything,” be prepared to be moved, inspired, and drawn into a deeper connection with the divine through the transformative power of HLE’s musical ministry.

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Everything Lyrics By HLE

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