Ewe Thixo – Rising Sun Choir ft Ayathola and Ayanda Ntanzi

Artist:  Rising Sun Choir ft Ayathola and Ayanda Ntanzi

Song Title: Ewe Thixo

Genre: Christian 

Song Number: 6

Album: The Rising Glory

Total Tracks NO: 32

Released Year: 2022

Song Type: Mp3 & Video

“Ewe Thixo”: A Divine Collaboration by Rising Sun Choir ft. Ayathola and Ayanda Ntanzi

Experience the heavenly synergy of voices in “Ewe Thixo,” the sixth track from Rising Sun Choir’s Christian masterpiece, “The Rising Glory.” Released in 2022, this divine composition marks a significant collaboration featuring the talents of Rising Sun Choir, Ayathola, and Ayanda Ntanzi. As a pivotal piece among the 32 tracks within the album, “Ewe Thixo” showcases the choir’s dedication to creating a spiritually uplifting musical journey, presented in both Mp3 and video formats for a holistic sensory experience.

In the realm of Christian music, “Ewe Thixo” stands as a testament to the power of collective worship, blending the harmonic brilliance of Rising Sun Choir with the soul-stirring contributions of Ayathola and Ayanda Ntanzi. As the sixth installment in the album, this collaborative effort adds a unique dimension to the spiritual tapestry woven by the choir. The dual presentation of the song as an Mp3 and video underscores their commitment to providing a comprehensive and immersive musical encounter. This release solidifies Rising Sun Choir’s reputation as influential contributors to the Christian music genre.

“Ewe Thixo” invites listeners into a sacred space where diverse voices harmonize to create a powerful expression of faith and devotion. Whether absorbed through the audio richness of the Mp3 version or the visually compelling video, this track from “The Rising Glory” album exemplifies the transformative impact of gospel music in uniting hearts and spirits in worship.

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Ewe Thixo Lyrics By Rising Sun Choir

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