Heaven Is Now – Tenth Avenue North

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Artist: Tenth Avenue North 

Song Title: Heaven Is Now

Genre:  Gospel, Christian 

Album: Heaven Is Now

Year: 2019

Song Type: Mp3 & Video


Title: “Experiencing Divine Encounters: Reflecting on ‘Heaven Is Now’ by Tenth Avenue North”

“Heaven Is Now” artfully presents the concept that the kingdom of heaven is not solely a far-off destination, but a tangible reality accessible to us in the present. Tenth Avenue North skillfully crafts lyrics that stir our hearts, urging us to awaken our senses to the fragments of heaven’s splendor and magnificence that envelop us daily. This song serves as an uplifting call to embrace an eternal outlook, actively seeking the presence of God in each passing moment.

The profound message of “Heaven Is Now” has struck a chord with listeners who are in search of solace and inspiration. This song serves as a poignant reminder that despite life’s hurdles, there are glimpses of heaven’s splendor and benevolence awaiting our discovery. By embracing the song’s call, we are encouraged to lead lives infused with purpose and happiness, understanding that our true abode is not solely a distant horizon, but a palpable reality in the present.



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I used to count the days til I was gonna fly away
All I wanted was the promise that youʼd take away my pain
Wonʼt you take away my pain?
I didnʼt want to be used to engage
I just wanted to use to be my escape
But then you taught me how to pray
Yes you taught me how to pray

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Let your kingdom come here in my heart
Let me be the place where Heaven starts
Open up the gates that blind my eyes
Youʼre making me paradise

Heaven is now
I got eternal life living inside me
Heaven is now
Let your Spirit bring it down
I got eternal life living inside me

I donʼt want to wait
Until I see those Pearly gates
Let me bring your grace into this world and recreate
Not gonna wash my hands
And say let it burn
I want to burn with your love instead

I want to bring Heaven everywhere I go
Walk my city streets like theyʼre all paved with gold
See my saviors face in every strangers eyes
You brought Heaven here so Iʼm not waiting til I die

Itʼs here when we learn to love
When weʼre forgiving one another
Weʼre getting glimpses everyday

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