Hebrews 12:22 – Jaque Gachiri

Artist:  Jaque Gachiri

Song Title: Hebrews 12:22

Genre: Christian 

Album: Hebrews 12:22

Total Tracks NO: 1

Duration: 6:33 Minutes

Released Year: 2023


“Jaque Gachiri’s ‘Hebrews 12:22’ unfolds as a spiritual journey encapsulated in a 6-minute and 33-second musical odyssey. Released in 2023, this singular track stands as the heart of the album that shares its title, creating a succinct yet impactful expression within the Christian genre. With a focus on the Bible verse it is named after, the song delves into themes of faith and divine connection, weaving a musical tapestry that resonates with believers seeking a moment of spiritual reflection.

The album’s brevity does not diminish its potency; instead, ‘Hebrews 12:22’ serves as a concentrated burst of Christian inspiration. Jaque Gachiri’s commitment to conveying profound spiritual messages through music is evident in this composition. The song beckons listeners to immerse themselves in a brief but powerful encounter with the divine, making it a significant addition to the Christian music landscape in 2023.”



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Hebrews 12:22 Lyrics By Jaque Gachiri

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