Jesus Lamb of God – Phil Thompson x Victor Thompson

Artist:  Phil Thompson x Victor Thompson

Song Title: Jesus Lamb of God

Genre: Christian 

Released Year: 2024

Duration: 8:40

“Jesus Lamb of God” by Phil Thompson x Victor Thompson is a profound Christian gospel song that captures the essence of worship and reverence for Jesus Christ. With a duration of 8 minutes and 40 seconds, this song allows listeners to immerse themselves in a heartfelt experience of adoration and praise. The collaboration between Phil Thompson and Victor Thompson likely brings a unique blend of musical talents and spiritual insight, resulting in a powerful rendition that resonates deeply with audiences.

Released in 2024, “Jesus Lamb of God” comes at a time when many seek solace and inspiration through music that speaks to the soul. Its genre, Christian, underscores its message of faith and devotion, making it a significant addition to the repertoire of gospel melodies. Through its lyrics and melody, this song invites believers to reflect on the sacrificial love of Jesus, reinforcing the central themes of redemption and salvation.


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Jesus Lamb of God Lyrics By Phil Thompson x Victor Thompson

All of my worship belongs to You.
All of my worship belongs to You.

I have searched the world and found,
There is no one like you, God!

You are Jesus!
There is no other name like
Jesus, Lamb of God!

Jesus, Heaven and Earth proclaim
You’re Jesus, Lamb of God!

God of creation,
all things were made through Jesus!
Born of a virgin,
promise fulfilled in Jesus!

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Suffering Servant, Oh, the blood of Jesus!
Resurrection and Life, death has died in Jesus!

Word of the Father, Yahweh revealed in Jesus!
Son of Man, The Kingdom belongs to Jesus!

Lion and Lamb, We overcome by Jesus!
Head of the Church,
Lord of Heaven and Earth, King Jesus

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