Joyous Celebration 24 (The Rock) – Joyous Celebration [Full Album]

“Joyous Celebration 24: The Rock” is a musical odyssey, showcasing the extraordinary talent and spiritual richness of the Joyous Celebration ensemble. Featuring 18 tracks that extend over a captivating 4-hour duration, the album embarks on a melodious expedition resonating with the core of faith and joy. Skillfully blending gospel, traditional, and contemporary sounds, each track serves as a conduit, transcending listeners into a space of exuberance and reverence. The harmonies, instrumentation, and vocals, meticulously intertwined, transcend mere musical expressions, acting as a vessel for spiritual elevation, instilling a profound sense of divine connection with every resonating note.

This 2020 release emerges as a beacon of hope and celebration, offering solace during challenging times. It weaves a sonic tapestry embodying perseverance, faith, and unity, echoing a powerful message of love and grace. Joyous Celebration, with this musical masterpiece, reaffirms its standing as a cornerstone in Christian music, leaving an enduring imprint on hearts globally. The immersive journey through the 18 tracks is not merely a musical excursion but a transformative experience, beckoning listeners to immerse themselves in the potent and beautiful melodies infused with faith.

List of Total Tracks in “Joyous Celebration 24 (The Rock)” Album By Joyous Celebration

  1.  Unikiwe (Live)
  2. Sengiyacela (Live)
  3. Mncwi Strruu (Live)
  4. UJesu Uyanginakekela (Live)
  5. Emaphakadeni (Live)
  6. Retlathaba (Live)
  7. Mvelinqangi (Live)
  8. I Can Boldly Say (Live)
  9. Hlalisa Nama Khosi (Live)
  10. Legodimong (Live)
  11. Simakade (Live)
  12. Wena Wedwa Qha (Live)
  13. Lufuno Lwa Mudzimu (Live)
  14. Olonga Motema Nanga (Live)
  15. Sabela Uyabizwa (Live)
  16. Sakhiwe Kulidwala (Live)
  17. Tshika (Live)
  18. Siyavuma (Live)
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