Joyous Celebration 25 (Still We Rise) – Joyous Celebration [Full Album]

Joyous Celebration’s 25th album, “Still We Rise,” stands as a tribute to the group’s enduring impact on the Christian music scene. Hailing from South Africa, the gospel sons have crafted a musical journey comprising 16 tracks, creating an immersive experience that spans an impressive duration of 1 hour and 46 minutes. Released in 2021, this album showcases the group’s dedication to delivering soul-stirring music that transcends boundaries and resonates with listeners globally.

The album’s title, “Still We Rise,” hints at a theme of resilience and triumph, echoing the uplifting spirit often found in gospel music. With a rich blend of traditional and contemporary elements, Joyous Celebration continues to be a beacon of inspiration in the Christian music landscape, drawing from their South African roots to create a sound that is both culturally rich and spiritually profound. As listeners embark on the musical journey presented by Joyous Celebration 25, they are sure to find a source of comfort, hope, and a celebration of faith that transcends cultural and geographical barriers.

List of Total Tracks in “Joyous Celebration 25 (Still We Rise)” Album By Joyous Celebration

  1. Ndenzel’ Uncedo Hymn 377 (Live)
  2. Thank You Lord (Live)
  3. Ka Mehla (Live)
  4. Bonginkosi Ngazo (Live)
  5. Jesus is Lord Medley (Live)
  6. Elakho Liphezulu (Live)
  7. Sofana Naye (Live)
  8. Cela (Live)
  9. Sebenza Ngami (Live)
  10. Grace and Mercy (Live)
  11. The Victory Song (Live)
  12. In Christ We Stand (Live)
  13. Mayenzek’ Intando Yakho (Live)
  14. Camagu Ngonyama (Live)
  15. Days of Elijah (Live)
  16. Ngiyanikela (Live)
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