Moi je crois – Miracle Beni Référence

Artist: Miracle Beni Référence

Song Title: Moi je crois (Concert des témoignages / Lubumbashi)

Genre: Christian 

Album: Moi je crois (Concert des témoignages / Lubumbashi)

Total Tracks NO: 1

Duration: 7:05 Minutes

Released Year: 2024


Miracle Beni Référence, a Christian artist, has unveiled a powerful musical testimony with the release of the song “Moi je crois (Concert des témoignages / Lubumbashi)” from the album of the same name. This single-track album showcases a live concert experience in Lubumbashi, capturing the essence of the artist’s faith and musical expression. The genre, Christian, suggests that the song is likely to be infused with spiritual themes, offering listeners a soul-stirring experience that goes beyond mere musical enjoyment. With a duration of 7:05 minutes, the song provides a substantial and immersive journey for those who engage with it, allowing Miracle Beni Référence to convey a profound message through the medium of music.

As the artist delves into the realms of Christian music, the release year of 2024 signifies a fresh and contemporary approach to spreading faith through musical expression. The live nature of the recording, evident in the concert setting, adds a dynamic element to the performance, making it an intimate and authentic experience for the audience. “Moi je crois” serves not only as a musical piece but also as a testament to the artist’s beliefs, creating a space for shared spirituality and connection among listeners. Miracle Beni Référence’s dedication to delivering a concert of testimonies highlights the personal and transformative nature of the music, offering a unique and uplifting experience for those who choose to immerse themselves in this musical journey.





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Moi je crois (Concert des témoignages / Lubumbashi) By Miracle Beni Référence

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