Morijah – Latest Album 1er amour 2023 (LIST OF SONGS)

“1er Amour: Morijah Worship Song’s Newest Music Album Released on April 6, 2023”

Morijah Worship Song, the renowned Christian music group, has just released their newest music album titled “1er Amour” on April 6, 2023. Packed with powerful songs that are sure to touch the hearts of believers, this album is set to make a significant impact in the world of Christian worship music.

“1er Amour” features a collection of spiritually uplifting songs that are beautifully crafted with soul-stirring lyrics and captivating melodies. One of the standout tracks is “Mon Ami,” which translates to “My Friend” in English. This song is a heartfelt declaration of the deep bond and friendship that believers have with Jesus Christ. With its powerful lyrics and soulful vocals, “Mon Ami” is sure to resonate with listeners and inspire them to draw closer to God in a personal and intimate way.

Another noteworthy track on the album is “C’est Ton Onction,” which means “It’s Your Anointing” in English. This song is a powerful declaration of dependence on the anointing of the Holy Spirit for guidance, empowerment, and transformation. It reminds listeners that the anointing of God is essential in their lives and ministries and encourages them to seek the Holy Spirit’s leading in everything they do.

“Alpha & Omega” is another soul-stirring song on the album that exalts Jesus Christ as the beginning and the end, the one who was and is and is to come. With its catchy chorus and powerful lyrics, “Alpha & Omega” is a worship anthem that magnifies the Lord’s greatness and invites listeners to join in worship and adoration.

“Abonde en Moi,” which means “Abound in Me,” is a heartfelt prayer for God’s abundance and provision in all areas of life. This song is a beautiful reminder that God is a faithful provider who meets our needs and fills us with His blessings. It’s a song of surrender and trust in God’s goodness and provision.

“Papa Je T’aime,” or “Daddy I Love You,” is a moving song that expresses the deep love and gratitude of a child to their Heavenly Father. It’s a heartfelt declaration of love and devotion to God as a loving Father who cares for His children with unconditional love and grace.

“Je Suis Couvert,” or “I Am Covered,” is a powerful declaration of the believer’s confidence in God’s protection and covering. It’s a song of faith that reminds listeners that they are under the shelter of God’s wings and safe in His loving care.

“Cadeau,” or “Gift,” is a beautiful song of thanksgiving for the precious gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. It’s a reminder of the incredible grace and mercy of God, who gave His only Son as a gift to humanity to reconcile them to Himself.

“Premier Amour,” or “First Love,” is a song that invites listeners to renew their passion and devotion to God as their first love. It’s a heartfelt plea to return to the place of intimacy and adoration of God, acknowledging Him as the primary focus of our lives.

“Le Nom de JESUS,” or “The Name of Jesus,” is a powerful song that exalts the name of Jesus as the only name that is above every other name. It’s a declaration of the authority and power of the name of Jesus and a reminder that there is salvation, healing, and victory in His name.

“Tout Dépend de Toi,” or “Everything Depends on You,” is a song of surrender and dependence on God’s sovereignty and wisdom. It’s a reminder that God is in control of all things and that our trust should be in Him


  1. Mon ami

  2. C’est ton onction

  3. Alpha & Omega

  4. Abonde en moi

  5. Papa je t’aime

  6. Je Suis Couvert

  7. Cadeau

  8. Premier Amour

  9. Le Nom de JESUS

  10. Tout Dépend de Toi

  11. Parcours

  12. La Couronne

  13. Si Je Savais

  14. Mon Coeur S’incline

  15. Quelle Joie

  16. Miséricorde

  17. Reconnaissance

  18. Mon défenseur

  19. Père

  20. Témoigner

  21. Allô Allô

  22. Parle-moi

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