Artist:  Naomi Karanja

Song Title: OYA KIBARI

Genre: Christian 

Song Number: 1


Total Tracks NO: Single 

Duration: 5:48 Minutes

Released Year: 2021

Song Type: Mp3 & Video

“OYA KIBARI: Naomi Karanja’s Inspirational Christian Single and Visual Journey of 2021″”

Naomi Karanja delivers a powerful musical expression of faith with her single “OYA KIBARI,” which serves as both the title track and the sole offering in her 2021 album. The song, with a duration of 5 minutes and 48 seconds, extends an immersive experience for listeners seeking a profound connection through Christian music. As a Gospel artist, Naomi Karanja continues her dedication to delivering messages of spirituality and hope, and “OYA KIBARI” stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to the genre.

The title “OYA KIBARI” itself holds a sense of significance, inviting listeners to explore the depths of its meaning. While the direct translation may vary, it suggests a call to something substantial and noteworthy. As the only track in the album, it emphasizes the focused narrative and musical excellence that Naomi Karanja brings to this particular piece. The decision to release the song in both Mp3 and video formats ensures a versatile engagement, allowing the audience to connect with the song through their preferred medium, be it auditory or visual.

Released in 2021, “OYA KIBARI” continues to resonate as a timeless creation, capturing the essence of Christian spirituality through melody and lyricism. The artist’s choice to incorporate both audio and visual elements underscores a holistic approach to artistic expression. Listeners are not merely offered a song but a complete sensory experience that transcends the boundaries of time, making “OYA KIBARI” a compelling addition to Naomi Karanja’s repertoire of soul-stirring Gospel music.

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OYA KIBARI Lyrics By Naomi Karanja

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