Teus Braços – Kemilly Maciel

Artist: Kemilly Maciel

Title of the Song: Teus Braços

Genre: Christian

Duration: 5:38 minutes

Album: Teus Braços

Total Tracks NO: 1

Released Year: 2024

“Teus Braços” by Kemilly Maciel is a poignant Christian song that captures the essence of spiritual devotion and surrender. With a duration of 5:38 minutes, the track provides a soul-stirring experience for listeners as they immerse themselves in the heartfelt lyrics and emotive melody. The title itself, “Teus Braços,” translates to “Your Arms” in English, suggesting a theme of finding solace and strength in the divine embrace. The artist’s vocals and the instrumental arrangement work in harmony to create a serene atmosphere, inviting the audience to reflect on their faith and connection with a higher power. Released as the sole track in the “Teus Braços” album in 2024, this composition stands as a testament to Kemilly Maciel’s ability to convey deep spiritual sentiments through her music.

The album’s title, “Teus Braços,” implies a thematic cohesion throughout the entire collection. While “Teus Braços” is the only track listed, it leaves room for anticipation regarding the potential depth and exploration of spiritual themes within the broader context of the album. Kemilly Maciel’s decision to focus on a single, extended composition suggests a deliberate and concentrated effort to deliver a profound and immersive listening experience, where each moment contributes to the overarching narrative of finding solace and connection in the arms of faith. As the Christian genre often seeks to inspire and uplift, “Teus Braços” may serve as a meditative and transformative journey for those seeking a musical encounter with the divine.

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Teus Braços Lyrics By Kemilly Maciel

Quantas coisas eu já conquistei
E quantos amigos já ganhei
Mas nada foi capaz de substituir
O que só tua presença traz pra mim
O dinheiro não compra
O que só tua Glória traz
Eu posso até ganhar o mundo inteiro
Mas só em ti encontro paz

Eu não vou sair dos teus braços só quero ficar aqui
Em tua presença em tua presença
Tudo bem pra mim fico aqui quietinho
Só me deixe ficar mais um pouco aqui em tua presença

Em tua Glória quero
Me envolver
Na tua graça quero mergulhar
Enquanto fôlego houver em mim
Eu quero te adorar
Eu quero te adorar
Eu quero te adorar
Eu quero te adorar
Eu quero te adorar

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