Uncovering – Naomi Raine feat. Lizzie Morgan

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Artist: Naomi Raine feat. Lizzie Morgan

Song Title: Uncovering

Genre: Gospel, Christian 

Album: Cover The Earth

Year: 2023

Song Type: Mp3 & Video

Title: “Uncovering: Embracing Vulnerability in Worship”

Naomi Raine’s heartfelt song, “Uncovering,” featuring Lizzie Morgan, from the album “Cover The Earth,” released on June 2, 2023, is a profound invitation to embrace vulnerability in our worship. “Uncovering” encourages listeners to lay aside pretenses and come before God with open hearts and transparent souls. 

“Uncovering” beckons us into a deeper level of intimacy with God. It reminds us that true connection with Him requires vulnerability and transparency. As we lay bare our hearts and surrender our insecurities, we create room for God to work in us and reveal His transformative love. The song invites us to abandon our self-reliance and trust in God’s faithfulness, knowing that He desires to meet us in our vulnerability and draw us closer to Himself.



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Verse 1:
Looking back on my life
All the times that I fell shy
Of Your truth, I compromised
Took my shame and bought the lies
In my pain, in my pride
In my fear I tried to hide
From You God
I just didn’t realize how kind You are

You keep uncovering Your kindness
You keep uncovering Your kindness
How kind You are

Verse 2:
I assumed You were far
I just couldn’t see your heart
So I chose to stay apart
Ran away from open arms
But then You came to my side
Chased me down, to my surprise
I’m not denied
You have opened up my eyes to how kind you are

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How good, how sweet, how kind you are
You’re still uncovering
And I’m still discovering
(ad lib: everyday I’m discovering, it’s getting clearer now
Give me 20/20 vision, to see it with precision, picture perfect)
‘Cause I couldn’t’ get it right
So afraid I’d be denied
Your love – I was blind to open arms
But you opened up your arms
but here you come
with the tender kiss of love
In my brokenness , I cried
With you God
crossing lines
Chose death over life
You keep uncovering Your kindness
How kind You are
You keep uncovering Your kindness
How kind You are
Where sin abounds
Your grace is more
When I fall down
You catch me
You hold me
Mercy triumphs over judgment
Looking back
Isn’t my heart
Burning within
I was covering
Crossing lines
I tried to cover my sin
And I couldn’t recognize how kind you are
All the times I tried to hide
My mistakes

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