Worship [Full Album] – Athoms et Nadège

Athoms et Nadège’s Powerful Live Worship Album

In 2022, the dynamic Christian duo Athoms et Nadège graced the music world with their remarkable live worship album titled “Worship (Live Recording).” This exceptional release features a total of six spiritually uplifting tracks, each a testament to the artists’ dedication to spreading the message of faith and devotion through their music.

While the specific song title and number are not provided, the entire album is a testament to Athoms et Nadège’s exceptional talent and unwavering faith. Within the Christian genre, they seamlessly blend emotive vocals and heartfelt lyrics to create a profoundly moving worship experience. “Worship (Live Recording)” serves as a remarkable collection of songs that inspire spiritual reflection and connection with the divine.

Athoms et Nadège’s album “Worship (Live Recording)” is a testament to the power of live worship music. Although details about specific songs are not given, the album as a whole is a powerful expression of their dedication to conveying messages of faith and devotion through their music. Released in 2022, it stands as a timeless offering of worship that continues to touch the hearts of believers and non-believers alike.

List of Tracks in Worship [Full Album] By Athoms et Nadège

  1.  Nyonso Ebonguani (Live Recording)
  2. Adonaï (Live Recording)
  3. Devant l’Agneau (Live Recording)
  4. Touché (Live Recording)
  5. Yeshua Masshia (Live Recording)
  6. Bako Sala Eloko Te (Live Recording)
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