Here I Am – Spirit of Praise ft Mmatema and Collen Maluleke

Artist:  Spirit of Praise ft Mmatema and Collen Maluleke

Song Title: Here I Am

Genre: Christian 

Song Number: 19

Album: Spirit of Praise, Vol. 7

Total Tracks NO: 25

Duration: 11:32 Minutes

Released Year: 2018

Song Type: Mp3 & Video

“Exploring the Divine Harmony: Unveiling the Depths of ‘Here I Am’ by Spirit of Praise ft Mmatema and Collen Maluleke”

In the divine tapestry of “Spirit of Praise,” featuring Mmatema and Collen Maluleke, the song “Here I Am” takes its place as the 19th track on the album “Spirit of Praise, Vol. 7.” Rooted in the Christian genre, this composition is likely to be a heartfelt expression of worship and surrender. The numerical positioning of the song within the album’s tracklist suggests a thoughtful curation, and being part of a 25-track collection implies a rich array of spiritual narratives throughout the entire album. With a duration of 4:32 minutes, “Here I Am” provides an extended opportunity for listeners to immerse themselves in a profound musical and spiritual experience.

As an integral part of the larger musical journey presented in “Spirit of Praise, Vol. 7,” “Here I Am” contributes to the album’s thematic richness. The choice of releasing the song in both Mp3 and video formats indicates a commitment to offering a comprehensive sensory encounter with the music. The year of release, 2018, places this creation within a specific cultural and temporal context, yet the spiritual themes explored in Christian music often transcend time, making “Here I Am” potentially timeless in its relevance. The collaborative effort between Spirit of Praise, Mmatema, and Collen Maluleke signifies a collective endeavor to craft a piece that resonates with the depth of worship and devotion.

The title “Here I Am” suggests a theme of presence and openness, echoing a common sentiment in Christian worship where believers express their willingness to be present before a higher power. This phrase holds biblical significance, as figures in the Bible, such as the prophet Samuel and the patriarch Abraham, responded to divine calls with the words “Here I am.” The collaboration between Spirit of Praise, Mmatema, and Collen Maluleke in this song likely results in a synergistic fusion of voices, harmonizing to convey a sincere and intimate plea or declaration of faith.



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Here I Am Lyrics By Spirit of Praise

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