Spirit of Praise, Vol. 7 – Spirit of Praise [Full Album]

“Spirit of Praise” is a renowned gospel music ensemble that has made significant contributions to the Christian music genre. One notable album by the group is “Spirit of Praise, Vol. 7,” which boasts an impressive collection of 25 tracks. Released in 2018, this album has a total duration of 2 hours and 44 minutes, providing listeners with an extended and immersive experience. The inclusion of both Mp3 and video formats enhances the accessibility of the music, allowing fans to engage with the spiritually uplifting content in various ways.

The album’s extensive tracklist showcases the diversity of the Spirit of Praise’s musical repertoire. Each song is a testament to the group’s commitment to delivering powerful messages through their music. With a duration exceeding two hours, the album invites listeners into a prolonged worship experience, creating an atmosphere of reflection and spiritual connection. Whether through the soul-stirring melodies or the impactful lyrics, “Spirit of Praise, Vol. 7” stands as a testament to the group’s dedication to spreading the message of faith and worship.

The year 2018 marked a significant moment for fans of Christian music with the release of “Spirit of Praise, Vol. 7.” During this period, the ensemble continued to solidify its position as a powerhouse in the gospel music scene. The decision to provide both Mp3 and video formats for the album demonstrates the group’s awareness of the evolving preferences of their audience. By doing so, Spirit of Praise ensured that their music could reach a wider audience, transcending the traditional boundaries of musical expression within the Christian genre. As fans continue to revisit this impactful release, the album remains a timeless representation of the Spirit of Praise’s dedication to creating inspirational and spiritually enriching music.

List of Total Tracks in “Spirit of Praise, Vol. 7” Album By Spirit of Praise

Disc 1

  1. Prelude – The King on the Cross (Live)
  2. God’s Love Is Greater (feat. Tshepang) [Live]
  3. No One Can (feat. Women In Praise) [Live]
  4. I’m Never Alone (feat. The Dube Brothers) [Live]
  5. Impilo Yami (feat. Nothando) [Live]
  6. Yingakho Ngicula (feat. Dumi Mkokstad) [Live]
  7. O Molimo (feat. Omega Khunou) [Live]
  8. Ke Mang (feat. Neyi Zimu) [Live]
  9. Lonile iBandla (feat. Benjamin Dube) [Live]
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Disc 2

  1. Ekugcineni (feat. Thinah Zungu) [Live]
  2. Una Ndavha (feat. Takie Ndou) [Live]
  3. Shine Jesus Shine (feat. Collen Maluleke) [Live]
  4. Yahweh We Worship (feat. Bongi Damans) [Live]
  5. Make a Way (feat. Mmatema) [Live]
  6. Nasempini (feat. Ayanda Ntanzi) [Live]
  7. Ebenezer (feat. Sipho Ngwenya) [Live]

Disc 3

  1. Walk Upon the Water (feat. Zinzi & Benjamin Dube) [Live]
  2. Here I Am (feat. Mmatema & Collen Maluleke) [Live]
  3. Jesus Is Mine (feat. Dumi Mkokstad & Takie Ndou) [Live]
  4. Oxygen (feat. The Dube Brothers & Tshepang) [Live]
  5. I Choose Jesus (feat. Bongi Damans & Benjamin Dube) [Live]
  6. You Remain (feat. Women In Praise & Neyi Zimu) [Live]
  7. Yehla Nkosi / Jesu Unamandla (feat. Neyi Zimu & Omega Khunou) [Live]
  8. Qina (feat. Sipho Ngwenya & Nothando) [Live]
  9. Ngaphandle Kokuthi (feat. Thinah Zungu & Ayanda Ntanzi) [Live]
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