Walk Upon the Water – Spirit of Praise ft Zinzi and Benjamin Dube

Artist:  Spirit of Praise ft Zinzi and Benjamin Dube

Song Title: Walk Upon the Water

Genre: Christian 

Song Number: 18

Album: Spirit of Praise, Vol. 7

Total Tracks NO: 25

Duration: 11:32 Minutes

Released Year: 2018

Song Type: Mp3 & Video

“Exploring the Divine Harmony: Unveiling the Depths of ‘Walk Upon the Water’ by Spirit of Praise ft Zinzi and Benjamin Dube”

“Spirit of Praise” featuring Zinzi and Benjamin Dube delivers a powerful Christian song titled “Walk Upon the Water.” As the 18th track on the album “Spirit of Praise, Vol. 7,” this gospel piece is immersed in a profound sense of spirituality. The genre, Christian, speaks to the thematic content that is likely centered around faith, worship, and devotion. The collaboration between Zinzi and Benjamin Dube adds layers of vocal depth, enhancing the overall spiritual experience of the song. The duration of 11:32 minutes suggests a substantial and immersive musical journey, allowing listeners to fully engage with the message and the musical arrangement.

“Walk Upon the Water” being part of the larger album, “Spirit of Praise, Vol. 7,” reveals a broader artistic expression within the context of the gospel genre. With a total of 25 tracks, the album offers a diverse collection of spiritual compositions. The fact that it’s released as both an Mp3 and a video implies a multi-sensory experience, enabling the audience to connect with the music visually and aurally. The release year, 2018, indicates the enduring relevance of the song within the Christian music landscape. As gospel music often carries timeless messages of faith and inspiration, “Walk Upon the Water” likely continues to resonate with listeners, transcending its initial release.

The song’s title, “Walk Upon the Water,” suggests a metaphorical journey of faith, mirroring the biblical narrative of walking on water as a symbol of trust and reliance on a higher power. This theme is common in gospel music, where lyrics often draw from biblical stories to convey messages of hope, perseverance, and divine intervention. The collaboration between Spirit of Praise, Zinzi, and Benjamin Dube in this particular track indicates a collective effort to deliver a spiritually uplifting piece that goes beyond individual artistry, creating a harmonious blend of voices in praise and worship.

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Walk Upon the Water Lyrics By Spirit of Praise

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