Joyous Celebration 23 – Joyous Celebration [Full Album]

Joyous Celebration’s album “Joyous Celebration 23 (Live at the CTICC Cape Town)” is a powerful testament to the group’s musical prowess and spiritual dedication. With a staggering 33 tracks and a runtime of 5 hours and 54 minutes, the album is a comprehensive journey through the heart of Christian gospel music. Hailing from South Africa, Joyous Celebration has become a beacon in the Christian music scene, and this album is no exception. The live recording at the CTICC Cape Town adds a dynamic and authentic element to the music, allowing listeners to feel the energy and devotion of the performers. The sheer magnitude of the album’s duration speaks to the group’s commitment to delivering an immersive and spiritually enriching experience for their audience.

Released in 2019, “Joyous Celebration 23” stands as a testament to the enduring popularity and impact of Joyous Celebration in the Christian music landscape. The extensive tracklist showcases the group’s versatility, covering a range of musical styles within the Christian genre. Beyond just a collection of songs, this album serves as a musical journey, inviting listeners to reflect, rejoice, and connect with their faith. The South African roots of Joyous Celebration infuse the album with a unique cultural flavor, making it a standout representation of contemporary Christian music with a vibrant and diverse influence.

List of Total Tracks in “Joyous Celebration 23” Album By Joyous Celebration

  1. UnguJehova UnguThixo (Live)
  2. Ngamthola (Akekho) [Live]
  3. Yesu Wena UnguMhlobo (Live)
  4. Thabang Le Nyakalle (Live)
  5. Oska Ntsheba Wa Nnyatsa (Live)
  6. Ingumlilo (Lento) [Live]
  7. Ndi Online (Live)
  8. Jesu Akandinakira (Live)
  9. Njalo Umile (Live)
  10. Siyabulela (Live)
  11. Hlala Nami (Wena Ongaguquki) [Live]
  12. Jeso Waphila (Live)
  13. Forever You Reign (Live)
  14. Moya Oyingcwele (Live)
  15. Bitso La Hao (Live)
  16. Maye Umphefumlo Wam (Live)
  17. I Will Wait (Live)
  18. Unto Thee (Medley) [Live]
  19. SinoMhlobo (Live)
  20. Awesome God (Live)
  21. My Worship (Live)
  22. Kudelowaziyo (Live)
  23. Kukhona Iculo (Live)
  24. Kulomhlaba (Live)
  25. Shomela Jehova (Live)
  26. Uyangikhathalela (Live)
  27. Sebenzeli Zulu (Live)
  28. Uyamangalisa (Live)
  29. Yifune INkosi (Live)
  30. KwaZama Zama (Live)
  31. Ngimbona Lapha Kimi (Live)
  32. Kasozabikho (Live)
  33. Opening Song (Live)
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