Kulomhlaba – Joyous Celebration

Artist:  Joyous Celebration

Song Title: Kulomhlaba

Genre: Christian

Album: Joyous Celebration 23 (Live at the CTICC Cape Town)

Total Tracks NO: 33

Duration: 6:08 Minutes

Released Year: 2019

Country: South Africa

“Kulomhlaba” by Joyous Celebration is a Christian composition that resonates with spiritual depth and cultural richness. Featured in the album “Joyous Celebration 23 (Live at the CTICC Cape Town),” released in 2019, this song unfolds over 6:08 minutes, offering a harmonious blend of worship and cultural expressions. Originating from South Africa, Joyous Celebration infuses the song with cultural nuances, making “Kulomhlaba” a testament to the group’s ability to seamlessly integrate faith and cultural identity.

The album, housing 33 tracks, stands as a testament to Joyous Celebration’s commitment to delivering a diverse and spiritually enriching musical journey. The live recording at the CTICC Cape Town captures the raw and authentic energy of the gospel sons and daughters, creating an immersive atmosphere that invites listeners into a collective space of worship. “Kulomhlaba” stands out as a powerful expression of devotion, where the music becomes a conduit for spiritual connection and a celebration of faith intertwined with the cultural roots of South Africa. In the realm of Christian music, Joyous Celebration continues to shine, creating compositions that echo with the sincerity of worship and the beauty of cultural diversity.



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Kulomhlaba Lyrics By Joyous Celebration

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