Rédemption – Fast Food Music Christ [Full Album]

Fast Food Music Christ’s album “Rédemption,” a 45-minute tapestry of Christian music, is an anthology woven with 16 tracks that transcend boundaries. Released in 2023, this musical testament from an artist with a vision takes listeners on a soul-stirring journey. Each track is a brushstroke of faith and melody, echoing across countries, resonating with spiritual seekers worldwide. The fusion of rhythm and devotion creates a universal language, beckoning listeners to immerse themselves in its ethereal embrace.

Across the realms of melody and rhythm, Fast Food Music Christ’s “Rédemption” is a symphony of spiritual devotion. The album’s 16 tracks form an intricate mosaic of faith, crafting a narrative that transcends geographical borders. Released in 2023, this musical odyssey invites audiences on a 45-minute pilgrimage, where each note serves as a guide to a deeper connection. Regardless of country, this album’s resonance speaks to the hearts of believers, offering solace and inspiration through its harmonious blend of Christian themes and musical ingenuity.

List of Tracks in “Rédemption” Album By Fast Food Music Christ

  1. Je t’aime Jésus (feat. David Okit)
  2. Eden (feat. David Okit)
  3. En haut (feat. David Okit)
  4. La Grâce
  5. Au delà de la moula (feat. David Okit)
  6. Oh Nzambe (feat. David Okit)
  7. Changer (feat. David Okit)
  8. Brûle en moi
  9. Guide moi (feat. David Okit)
  10. In your way (feat. David Okit)
  11. Apprends moi (feat. David Okit)
  12. Cette joie (feat. David Okit)
  13. Arrivée (feat. David Okit)
  14. Liberté (feat. David Okit)
  15. Cepla (feat. David Okit)
  16. L’amour de Dieu (feat. David Okit)
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